The Value of Good Information

As experienced business people first, we understand the value of good information. That is why we utilize the newest technology and resources to stay fully informed about the Houston and Texas commercial real estate markets.

A deal will only be successful if the right questions are asked and all of the issues are considered. We strive to benefit all parties by taking the time to gather information, check facts, and ask the right questions. By focusing on the details while keeping a bigger picture in mind, we can produce results that allow everyone to achieve a successful arrangement. Thanks to our many years in the business, our brokers’ professional backgrounds, and our knowledge of the market, we fit the right tenant or buyer with the right landlord or seller.

We investigate. Our footwork and our network allow us to find investments like no one else. Whether it involves selling 130 acre development site close to a Fortune 10 headquarters or relocating a publicly traded restaurant group in their office lease, we meet and exceed our clients’ needs by using state-of-the-art technology, commercially available data, sophisticated financial analysis and tools, and creative strategies that work for our clients individual needs.

Work flow

Here is a sample of types of research we provide our clients:

  • Market discovery
  • Historical market analysis
  • Submarket data and forecasts
  • Property specific economic and marketing analysis
  • Competitive property analysis
  • 'Best and highest' use investigation
  • Future growth study
  • Economic and budget projection data