We provide a comprehensive array of commercial real estate services

S.E. Covington associates are experts in simplifying the sophisticated needs of corporate America to the increasingly complex and industry specific commercial market. We are uniquely capable of providing landlord and tenant representation services due to our rich, qualitative knowledge of current market conditions.

Our exceptional services model ensures that each client receives the very best to offer, including: in depth market knowledge, industry specific guidance, contract and lease negotiations lead by professional negotiators, rental rate and improvement allowance knowledge as well as transaction and strategic planning. By understanding our market and the latest trends, as well as leveraging the available state of the art technology, our associates are able to help our clients capitalize upon the optimum market opportunities for their space and physical plant needs.

Our Services

Services include but aren't limited to:

Real Estate Planning

S.E. Covington and Company aides our clients in identifying and evaluating current market and competitive market strategies. Through planning real estate strategy well in advance our clients can take advantage of customer and demographic shifts ahead of competitors, which allows our clients to see results on their bottom line.

Corporate Services

We provide comprehensive consulting and strategy development in order to better utilize existing space and facilities and position corporations for current and future space needs. We take a balance sheet approach for your real estate needs.

Transaction Management

During each real estate transaction, our clients are provided objective data throughout the entire transaction. Each transaction is led by an experienced negotiator. We coordinate and counsel our clients and their stakeholders through the entire transaction, beyond move-in and punch-list.

Architectural Design & Construction

Few organizations are static, which means space and facility requirements are in continuous change. Redefining office design and configuration offers one of the most effective methods for yielding cost reduction. In addition, construction costs are a significant variable in expense planning for space. S E Covington and Company can help to analyze, and assist in reducing these expenses.

Market Knowledge & Location Planning

Every business has an optimal address that compliments operational and financial objectives. Through market discovery, analysis and historical knowledge built through experience within the marketplace our associates uncover opportunities that position our clients for long-term success and often immediate cost benefits.

Lease & Disposition Management

Through proper planning, timing and research S E Covington and Company develops optimal leasing and disposition plans for landlords and owners. Whether you are in lease-up or want to realize equity in a property our associates work with clients to maximize value, and mitigate risk and uncertainty.

Project & Construction Management

Our project management professionals understand that often it is the small details that have the largest impact. Utilizing technology like Microsoft Project Manager, client strategy and our expertise, we can help reduce disruption to client's business, minimize unforeseen cost overruns, and maximize the return on the investment.